You can reach the band directly at:

We can also be contacted through our record label, Odessa Records, at:

25 Responses to Contact

  1. Angela Stewart says:

    how come you have manx in your name?

  2. Brad Lackey says:

    I am the ghost of Christmas past!!!
    Hello gentlemen! Hope all is well. Haven’t talked to you in quite some time but I’m glad to see you are still making music. You guys were a big part of my life what seems like an eternity ago. If you’re ever in Wilmington let me know. May the future shine bright.
    -Brad Lackey

  3. Najbar says:

    Hello guys,
    I’m looking for your first album in vinyl. Can you tell me where I can find that? This is a matter of life or death… 🙂

    • cubicleism says:

      Hi Najbar-

      That first record is out of print on vinyl so your best bet is an Amazon seller or ebay, I think. There’s been some talk about another pressing of it so if that happens I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks for listening!

  4. mrmrocha says:

    Will you guys be performing at the “Release Party” at the Nightlite in March? The wording is suspect on their tumbler and we’d be making quite a trip to get there.

  5. mrmrocha says:

    um…. Ohio. 😉

  6. crunchytunes says:

    Hey do you guys have T-Shirts? I really want one if you do!

  7. crunchytunes says:

    Any luck with the shirt?

  8. Mike Rebak says:

    are you planning any European visit ? wonderful music by the way .

  9. Mike Rebak says:

    thanks for the reply . although I have been listening to your music since 2001 it’s only in the last 4 years or so that I have got back into the real enjoyment of small venue live performances . there is an almost recognisable ‘circuit’ of such venues in England
    . maybe I should send you a short list of places that have good reputations for hosting visiting US groups . I keep seeing references to your ‘Englishness’ . Do you feel that ?

  10. cubicleism says:

    Yeah, we get that a lot, likely because of Manx in the name but it does make some sense as I feel like some comparisons to British Invasion band are valid.

  11. David Le Mentec says:

    Hello Manx! I’d be keen to get the guitar tabs for Concubine! Been playing it all day with the family here in Zurich.
    Thanks and I look forward to your next release!
    PS: fan for 16 years

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