Our new record ‘Bronze Age’ comes out today!  You can find it in all the normal places, Amazon, iTunes, etc but if you really want some hero points you’ll order it from here:

Paul Manx runs the label so you’d be helping us two-fold by going that route.  Honestly, we don’t care how you get one, just that you get one. 🙂  We worked hard on this record, hope you dig it.

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5 Responses to TODAY IS THE DAY!

  1. Phil says:

    a friend of mine was looking for a present to offer to me, i suggested him to offer me your LP… Now I can’t wait to get my present !
    Hope you’ll come in France one of these days, wine ‘s waiting for you.

  2. Phil says:

    Gift has arrived !
    A beautiful record once more. The glossy gatefold sleeve is splendid, as the white wax record.
    Songs are perfect, even the “rock” titles have this manx touch… You’ve aged like fine wine, already one of my fav manx album !
    So trust your companion and make all the trip to France… I sincerely think that you’re one of the most underrated band of the last decade and hope this lp will provide you the thankfulness you deserve.

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