The Kingsbury Manx (2000):   Pageant Square, Regular Hands, Piss Diary, Cross Your Eyes, Blue Eurasians, Hawaii In Ten Seconds, How Cruel, Fields, New Old Friend Blues, Whether Or Not It Matters, Fanfare, Silver Trees

Let You Down (2001):   Let You Down, Porchlight, Simplify, Et Tu Kitte’, Rustic Stairs, Sleeping On The Ground, Patterns Shape The Mile, Courtyard Waltz, Arun, The New Evil, Baby You’re A Dead Man, Do What You’re Told

Afternoon Owls (2003):   Half Man, Time Well Spent, Over The Waves, Perfect Record, We’re On The Way

Aztec Discipline (2003):   Pelz Komet, Growler In The Rumbleseat, Your Castle, Hunting Trips, Dinner Bell, Grape To Grain, De Da Dementia, Pinstripes, Creature Of Habit, Fixed Bayonets

The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South (2005):   Harness and Wheel, And What Fallout!, What A Shame, Zero G, I0008, Snow Angel Dance, Greenland, 900 Years, Ruins, Nova, Oh No!, Animations, Ol’ Mountainsides

Ascenseur Ouvert! (2009):   Walk On Water, Over The Oeuvre, Black And Tan, Well, Whatever, If You’re On The Mend, I’m On The Move, Crest, These Three Things, Minos Maze, Galloping Ghosts, Clean Break, Shoulder Stories, The Whip And The World, Indian Isle, George Closing


Bronze Age (2013):  Weird Beard and Black Wolf, Future Hunter, Handsprings, In The Catacombs, How Things Are Done, Glass Eye, Lyon, Solely Bavaria, Concubine, Custer’s Last, Ashes To Lashes (Tailspins)

Been Passed Over 7″ (2000):   Been Passed Over, Down With Circumstance

Restless Minds 7″ (2001):   Restless Minds, Drift Off

Single Wish Compilation (2002):  Summer Teases

Compulation Vol. 2 (2005):  Crest Demo

Sweet Relief (2006):  Galloping Ghosts Demo

Hear Here (2009):  Custer’s Last Stand


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