Welcome to the new site!

Hi all.

Welcome to the new Manx website! This was long overdue and I am really excited about having a fresh start on the web. The previous website was built and maintained through iWeb on my Macbook. Well, that Macbook died. “Oh, no!” you say. “You didn’t back up the site”!” Of course I did… However, it resides on an external hard drive which meant that to update it I was sort of shackled to that hard drive. That made it REALLY inconvenient to mess with the site. Doing a new site with a more blog-like format seemed to make the most sense and doing it through WordPress means easy updates and the ability to access from anywhere with internet. Plus all that black was, frankly, overkill for the eyes.

Our Twitter and Facebook pages have been doing a good job filling in as our web outlet and will continue be updated regularly so keep an eye on those.

As for Manx news…

Manx 6 (title coming soon) is now at the mixing stage! By the end of the year, we are hoping to have the final mixes in hand and ready to be mastered. We are aiming for a mid 2012 release and as the details for the exact dates become finalized we’ll pass them on to ya.

Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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