See! We weren’t lying!

The new record is officially done and printed up!  The photo below is proof that it exists and will see the light of day…  The packaging looks really great and it was nice to do something besides the same tired jewel case nonsense.  Can’t wait to get this thing out there!


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from The Kingsbury Manx!  We are very excited to still be around and putting out records and we appreciate every fan who has given our discs a spin over the years.  We’ll have a new record for you March 5th and any day now we should have the finished album in our hands.  That’s always a great feeling, seeing the tangible fruits of your efforts.

Anyway, hope you and yours have Happy Holidays!

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Give the gift of Manx for Christmas!

Someone in your life could surely use a dose of Manx to brighten their days.  Be the person who changes everything for them by giving them a gift with no equal, a Kingsbury Manx record!  And if you order it from here:

You’ll be doing awesome double duty, as one of the band members runs the label.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Assuming the Mayans are wrong and the world is still here after December 21st, what better way to celebrate our first Spring after ‘doomsday’ than with a new Kingsbury Manx record!  Lovingly crafted from a blend of 11 herbs and spices, this new record will be the perfect soundtrack for your early 2013.  The release date is 3/5/13, a little later than we were aiming for, but each day the release got pushed back was used to make this record even cooler.  *Fist pumps


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New record updates

We just got the second-pass master of the new record. Mastering your record is like adding butter to your movie popcorn, only way healthier. Carl Saff is a mastering wizard. He makes us sound like a REAL band which is a pretty tall order. We’re pretty excited about the way it sounds, hopefully you will be, too.

We also have an album title as well as most of the liner layout taken care of. It’s all coming together!

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The new record should be getting shipped off to get mastered this week. We are using the trusty Carl Saff, who did the mastering on our last record. He’s a great guy to work with, does a fantastic job and doesn’t kill your wallet. We highly recommend him. Check out his site at
So close to being done!

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So the mixing is truly done and our record is in the queue at Saff for mastering. It’s sounding like early October is when the mastering magic will happen. We are still on track for an early January release, 1/8 if I remember correctly. Hopefully, things will continue to move along smoothly. We are excited to get Manx #6 out there (Title to be announced soon) and letting you hear what we’ve been up to.

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