Assuming the Mayans are wrong and the world is still here after December 21st, what better way to celebrate our first Spring after ‘doomsday’ than with a new Kingsbury Manx record!  Lovingly crafted from a blend of 11 herbs and spices, this new record will be the perfect soundtrack for your early 2013.  The release date is 3/5/13, a little later than we were aiming for, but each day the release got pushed back was used to make this record even cooler.  *Fist pumps


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New record updates

We just got the second-pass master of the new record. Mastering your record is like adding butter to your movie popcorn, only way healthier. Carl Saff is a mastering wizard. He makes us sound like a REAL band which is a pretty tall order. We’re pretty excited about the way it sounds, hopefully you will be, too.

We also have an album title as well as most of the liner layout taken care of. It’s all coming together!

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The new record should be getting shipped off to get mastered this week. We are using the trusty Carl Saff, who did the mastering on our last record. He’s a great guy to work with, does a fantastic job and doesn’t kill your wallet. We highly recommend him. Check out his site at saffmastering.com.
So close to being done!

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So the mixing is truly done and our record is in the queue at Saff for mastering. It’s sounding like early October is when the mastering magic will happen. We are still on track for an early January release, 1/8 if I remember correctly. Hopefully, things will continue to move along smoothly. We are excited to get Manx #6 out there (Title to be announced soon) and letting you hear what we’ve been up to.

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Mixing = Done!

All the songs for Manx 6 are mixed! There may be a very minor tweak or something left but it’s essentially done! Next is the song order then on to mastering!

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Mixing home stretch

Mixing on the new record should be wrapping up VERY soon. As of now, we are looking at a late December/early January release. Can’t wait to get this sucker out there!

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New Record Mixing And The Growing Manx Family

6 of the songs on the new record have been mixed! It shouldn’t be long now before the finishing touches get put on. I’m still amazing by how different a record sounds before and after mastering. That process works wonders. I wish I fully understood it.

On a side note, big congrats to our keyboard master, Paul, on becoming a dad! Huzzah!

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Double Barrel Benefit!

Don’t forget, the Manx are playing the Double Barrel Benefit in downtown Raleigh at the Pour House, Saturday, Feb. 4th. We are the last band on the 4 band bill so come out and party with us, while supporting a fantastic radio station. See you there!

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Merry Christmas!

The Kingsbury Manx wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!  2012 will be an exciting year, as it will bring new music from the Manx as well as the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans.  Huzzah!

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More Updates and a Happy Birthday!

We added a videos page to the site, where you’ll be able to see some official-type videos as well as ridiculous ones.  For starters, we’ve added a couple of songs taken from acoustic practices, Regular Hands and Harness and Wheel.  There’s also a live version of Blue Eurasians.  The next four vids are random footage taken during the recording of our 6th record at Sound Of Music Studios.  The last two are the official videos for Over The Oeuvre and Well, Whatever from the last record.

The photos page has been updated as well, with pics from the SOM sessions.

Last but certainly not least, a very happy birthday to Ryan Manx!

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